Aren’t you glad when sometimes there is a change in plans? Many of you may not know this but I actually wanted to be on TV all of my life and had applied to graduate school at the University of North Texas for a Master’s Degree in Broadcasting. Well, sometimes plans change and I am so glad that they did. In the midst of furthering my education, I met my husband, Jason. That was a big detour and one that has been filled with joy!

It is such a blessing to still get to experience TV “moments”. With the life and career experiences that I have gathered, I know it’s exactly the right mix for me.

Today, I was able to sit down on the set of WQOW, Channel 18 and talk about the upcoming event for the Junior League of Eau Claire. It was an early morning curtain call, but I made it and couldn’t wait to be in studio!

Check out the interview!

WQOW TV: Eau Claire, WI NEWS18 News, Weather, and Sports

It was a helpful reminder to me that the best plans are the ones that AREN’T planned. Life has a way of unfolding and offering us what our hearts desire, ut with the right timing and quantity behind them. We just have to trust that the goals we have and reach for will be victorious but sometimes show up in a slightly different package.

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