Have you ever had one of those random days, weeks, months? Crazy thoughts jumping in and out of your head. Funny tidbits streaming into your ears from friends or the media? This is how the idea of the Random Show was born!

Everyday, I carry an extra journal/notebook with me and as I hear things that make me laugh (or cry) I write them down. Sometimes they are just funny sayings that come into my own mind. That little voice in my head has been working overtime lately and I felt that it was time to get it out!

Whether you have an Amazon Prime addiction, watch the HBO show Girls or are an all star nose picker you will have something to compare notes too! If not, don’t worry, this podcast may simply pique your curiosity enough to make you investigate!

Cheers & Enjoy!

Check out this Listen Up! Podcast.

Rachel Funk Johnson - Pick your nose

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