Meet Michele Paquette! Michele is a marketing specialist for St. Joseph’s Hospital System in Chippewa Falls, WI. She is what Rachel considers a Type A Misfit continually pushing to do things her way, which is TRULY unique, fun and enthusiastic.

Michele and her husband jumped into entrepreneurship this year by purchasing B & D Metal Fab. She loves bending metal on the weekends with her husband.

To blow off steam, Michele is also a member of the Chippewa Lightening Women’s Hockey Team. Hockey has offered her the ability to test herself and push forward. As a hockey “mom” she found that jumping in and playing the sport offered a new appreciation for the game, running her son to practice and a deeper connection with her husband.

EP04 Metal, Marketing & Hockey Gal – Michele Paquette!

Links to find Michele:

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital:

B & D Metal Fab:

Chippewa Lightening Women’s Hockey:


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