Andrea North is an awesome friend of mine! She has founded #SocialSchool4EDU where she helps schools to develop their social media campaigns, educates and motivates others!
We had such a great time at this session and you will hear all about how her business simply started as an idea. That’s where it all starts – right?

Andrea loves listening to additional podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and  Create Your Clique with Tena Pettis.
She is also a huge advocate for the Kindness Wins campaign that is happening all over Facebook and social media.

Andrea North founder of #SocialSchool4EDU was a natural on the mic!

Andrea North founder of #SocialSchool4EDU was a natural on the mic!

Andrea has a huge heart and has a lot of life experience to back up her journey.

I absolutely love her tenacity in pushing forward to get things done, her strong faith and big smile!
She is continually looking to help additional school districts to better understand how they can show their community what is happening directly within the schools. There are so many things for the teachers and students to share within the community and social media can be just the way to tell those awesome stories!


To learn more about Andrea and #SocialSchool4EDU please visit:
Twitter: @andrea4edu


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