I was born in a small town in Wisconsin, and raised with humble roots and an extreme work ethic. My upbringing taught me that if you work hard, are happy and treat everyone with respect you will have success. You can imagine my surprise then, when in 2008 my dream job at a Macy’s Regional Buying Office was eliminated due to downsizing. Lesson learned; without a command over my own career path, job loss could inevitably happen again.

Badger Classic_Stage2That’s when I decided it was time to create my own life change. What may look like a roundabout journey to an outsider has actually been a pretty amazing trip! Along the way I’ve found myself and my passions, and brought them all together with a goal helping others to realize their own potential for happiness in their lives; mind, body and spirit. Here’s how it happened…

In May of 2009 I enrolled in a Massage Therapy program, training to be a licensed massage therapist by night and weekend, while still working fulltime within the corporate buying world. In September 2009 I launched my own company, Crabbee Apple, a massage studio in the basement of my home. Small, yes; but it was all mine, and while it was a modest start, Crabbee Apple continued to evolve and I did, too.

The next big challenge for me was taking control of my own health. I set a goal to compete in a fitness competition. My training lasted for 18 months and eventually led me to the stage. It was during that time that I had my first taste of how it felt to inspire others to be healthy, too.

I was working my “real” job by day, and living my passionate pursuits at night. It was safe, but not really fulfilling. I wanted to do more of what I really loved; I wanted to be in control of my own destiny! It was time to either be all in, or all out. I’m sure you can guess the direction I chose. Life is just too short, so at Mach 80 with my hair on fire I prepared myself to take the big leap and haven’t looked back since.

I earned my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2012 and am now registered through the Yoga Alliance. I left my corporate job to focus on Crabbee Apple and expanded my health and wellness education to include Personal Training and Health Coaching Certifications. After recognizing the need for a wellness destination within my community, I collaborated with a fellow massage therapist and established a new venture: The Excite! Wellness Studio. I founded Happee School, an online learning and coaching community where I serve as coach, mentor and friend to those looking for motivation, connection, fitness and fun!

rach1 copyI was honored to have been recognized by Polka Dot Powerhouse as the 2013 Extraordinary Speaker of the Year. One of my greatest strengths is connecting with every individual within the crowd, as though they were a friend. I keep it real; sharing the trials as well as the triumphs. While my journey was one that eventually brought me to a beautiful place, the scenery wasn’t always pretty.

And I’m funny! Humor and wit are tools I use to keep my audience engaged. Laughter makes it safe for us to explore our darkest fears and most destructive thoughts.

As a motivational speaker, I’m at home on the stage, sharing my story with those who need a boost of positivity, realism and fun! My goal is that each audience member will walk away with a sense of their uniqueness, excited about the potential for their lives and thankful for the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.