Let me inspire and touch the hearts of your audience. I’m passionate about motivating dreams and changing lives through light bulb moments.

My experiences cover the corporate world, entrepreneurship, team building, fitness, goals, dreams, women’s issues, relationships with others, and relationships with food.

I speak at:

• Conferences
• Corporations
• Women’s Events
• Health Events
• Retreats

The titles below are examples of my presentations; however, my broad expertise doesn’t necessarily fit neatly in any one box, and I’ve found no two audiences do either. That’s why I customize my message to fit with your goals and the needs of your group.


• The Blame Game
• Guard Your Bubble
• Getting Yourself Out of the Way


• Fast Food, Slow Body
• Creating a Meaningful Off-Season
• Cracking the Code: Why We Eat What We Do, Decoding Our Choices


• Following Your Dreams
• Dream Setting 101
• Going to Where You Are Called


• Being the Beacon of Leadership
• Grow Antennae Not Horns – Attracting Others
• Work Ethic – Funk Family Philosophy

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