Quotations“Rachel is an absolute gem! She has an amazing talent of drawing people in, whether it’s motivating people to help a worthy cause or inspiring them to be the best version of themselves, the audience is sure to listen. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t help but feel good just being around her. Having faced challenges in her own life she truly leads by example and speaks on a level that people can relate. Rachel’s message always rings clear; be strong, persevere, have fun, and be on purpose.”
Becky Beissel, Co-Founder, Limelight Social Media

Quotations“Rachel is the perfect combination of spunk and knowledge. When your goal is to motivate a group toward any kind of change—health, work or life in general – you need a speaker that can truly connect with people.”
Michele Paquette, Marketing Specialist/Community Education Coordinator, St. Joseph’s Hospital

Quotations“Rachel empowers, motivates and energizes audiences with her expertise, humor, unstoppable energy, and life experiences. Her ability to meet people where they are in life and genuinely move them to a point where they own their own power, and walk away ready to accomplish everything they’ve dreamed of is a miraculous thing to witness.”
Shannon Crotty, Owner/Founder, Polka Dot Powerhouse

Quotations“Rachel is a fun high-energy speaker. She brings real life experiences to her presentations and is very interactive with the group. Our group was lucky to have Rachel present on two different occasions. Each presentation was motivational and brought our team closer to one another. We were able to gain valuable life lessons while learning how to better communicate and relate to each other. I would highly recommend Rachel for an entertaining and meaningful presentation.”
Nikki Yankton, Practice Administrator, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

Quotations“The ADRC of Eau Claire County employs 23 smart, hardworking, and diverse individuals. We hired Rachel Funk-Johnson for our retreat in 2014 to talk to us about refreshing ourselves, and really understanding not only the amount of work, but the quality of work that we put out each year. Rachel went above and beyond in helping us realize our significance for Eau Claire County members. We had amazing feedback from that retreat, like we haven’t had before. Finding someone for a group as diverse and ever-changing as we are here at the ADRC is no easy task. It is no surprise that after just an hour of talking with Rachel we knew we needed to have her back to rejuvenate us in 2015. For service based organizations such as the ADRC, time and resources available to us are precious. We are extremely fortunate to have Rachel Funk-Johnson available to us in this community.”
Kaylynn Stahlbusch, Volunteer Coordinator, Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire County